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About the Author

The author, Steve Weiland, was born in Minneapolis, raised in Mound, MN; the home of Lake Minnetonka – an area that has many sacred Native American burial mounds, thus giving the town its’ namesake.

Steve is Sara Weiland’s Dad, and husband of Anzaleen Weiland, He is actually a scientist, and his career involves Food Safety Microbiology investigations. Steve has also worked in a Clinical Microbiology lab, helping work on diagnostic tests for hospitals and clinics. He likes to read fiction of many types, as well as National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, and even technical publications relating to his career focus. His hobbies and interests include bowling, hiking, hunting, fishing, golf, skiing, music (playing trumpet and listening to a variety of artists), and Steve and Anzaleen are actively involved in volunteer work.

Everyone has a life story and goals; and for the author, a big part of his current life motivations are contributing to efforts to allow children to experience wonder, joy, as well as learning how to live healthy and productive lives. This story line created and titled “Oliver and the Owl” is intended to appeal to everyone who has experienced challenging times in life. Those challenges when met with family love and faith – real faith in something more than just our own humanity – then miraculous things can and do happen in life. The story itself is not completely “real” or factual, but the hope for healing, courage, trust, and finding meaning in one’s life is VERY real for all.

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